GERN Members to Play Leading Role at GEC+

Peter Komives | August 08, 2016
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Global Entrepreneurship Research Network members will play a leading role during the upcoming GEC+ in Daegu, South Korea. Hosted by the Global Entrepreneurship Network, the Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation, and the City of Daegu, the two-day event will feature GERN experts throughout the agenda – they will give plenary session presentations, moderate discussions, and serve as panelists exploring new thinking on fostering an entrepreneurial culture. Among the topics: developing entrepreneurship education curricula, training entrepreneurship education trainers, measuring the impact of entrepreneurship education programs, building city-based ecosystem infrastructure, and ecosystem mapping.

Anthony Farr, the CEO of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation and Anders Rasmussen, who is team leader at the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship - Young Enterprise will headline the opening plenary discussion on entrepreneurship education. Each brings expertise on educational programs that equip people with an entrepreneurial mindset, which in an ever more complex and rapidly changing world are essential for finding solutions to business challenges, and also to societal problems that require creative thinking. Because formal education is not the only way to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, their presentations will kickoff sessions during which GERN members will share new findings, recommendations, and best practices on the subject from a wide variety of global and local perspectives.

Following the plenary on entrepreneurship education, Jarmo Eskelinen, chief innovation and technology officer at Future Cities Catapult, and Justin Hill, senior private sector development specialist at the World Bank, will present during a plenary session on how local governments can catalyze urban ecosystems. They will explore and offer their expertise on ways to promote an environment that allows risk taking, tolerates failure, and fosters creativity. For entrepreneurship supporters, including policy makers and government officials in forums designed to foster communication, cooperation, and collaboration among key ecosystem players is vital to forging sustainable city-level entrepreneurship development.

Following the plenary, Moon-sun Kim, the Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation’s team leader for research and education, and Youngtae Kim, the director of Korea’s Small Medium Business Administration, will lead an afternoon parallel session on how research underpins evidence-based public policy development. Youngtae Kim will share the outcomes from the third year of government efforts to incentivize entrepreneurial activity. An interactive component of this session will engage participants in assessing policy impact in order to inform the goals of future programmatic entrepreneurship research.

During the GEC+, GERN will hold its own executive sessions to inform, shape and frame a new entrepreneurship education pilot study in South Africa. With global interest in entrepreneurial mindset and education only increasing, the goal is to establish a research framework that can be replicated elsewhere. Leading the effort are Fredell Jacobs and Immanuel Commarmond of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation and GERN’s Senior Economist, Yoosef Ghahreman. In these sessions, GERN will ascertain relevant questions to guide data collection efforts central to the study.

In addition, GERN will explore new research collaborations in groundbreaking areas of inquiry, such as how digitalization impacts city-level entrepreneurial ecosystems.


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