About Us

The Global Entrepreneurship Research Network is a working coalition that catalyzes and aligns research that is integrally linked with the practice of entrepreneurship and the growth of entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Each member organization is a leader in its nation or region in promoting entrepreneurship broadly. GERN members—that include the Kauffman Foundation, OECD, the World Bank and other leaders in the field—undertake collaborative projects, share knowledge and strive to establish open, standardized data resources.

Current projects include: examining the impact that startup accelerators are having on new firm formation and success; mapping and exploring connections among startup ecosystems; building a shared understanding of entrepreneurial mindset; and streamlining and leveraging government data infrastructure.

GERN undertakes this work with a conscious understanding of the practitioner origin of the insights on which research is based, and a clear focus on the mission of realizing a world in which in which entrepreneurial impact is as widely distributed as entrepreneurial potential.

GERN is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, a collection of entrepreneurial support programs and initiatives operating in 160 countries comprised of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and policymakers intent upon setting their economies on growth-oriented trajectories through entrepreneurship.


GERN's Mission

GERN is dedicated to providing and aligning more robust evidence and research to inform smarter policies and programs that advance entrepreneurial activity and new firm formation.


GERN's Principles

  • Defining tomorrow’s big unanswered questions and inspiring clusters of institutions and funders to pursue them
  • Aligning current research agendas and investments
  • Fostering research and data collaboration across national borders
  • Curating research resources both internally, among members, and externally, to broader communities on a global scale and
  • Providing feedback to GERN members on their methodologies and other research matters



When government officials from countries across the globe gathered for the 2013 Startup Nations Summitnearly every person who spoke expressed a desire to understand better whether their efforts to foster and support entrepreneurs were making a difference to their country—if at all.  Research was not part of the official agenda, nor even an explicit topic of discussion.  These leaders are part of a global movement to support entrepreneurship.  One indication: 160 countries are now part of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, and organizations in all of those countries are intent upon strengthening their entrepreneurial ecosystems.

The need for more and better research on entrepreneurship has never been greater.  Research has not kept pace with the global entrepreneurship movement.  Although no entrepreneur needs an okay from an academic before starting a company, at a certain point the inadequacy of entrepreneurship research becomes an obstacle to continued progress in advancing entrepreneurship itself.  Research translates enthusiasm for entrepreneurship into greater numbers of successful, growing firms.  Research also provides insight into what policymakers can (and cannot) do to foster enabling entrepreneurial ecosystems; assesses whether a given program, public or private, is having an impact; and helps to establish the fundamental link between entrepreneurship and the development of human societies.

We created GERN to increase the quantity and quality of just this type of research.

We invite you to review the GERN Membership Packet:

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